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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

So this is November 3rd?

Howdy everyone, I'll begin this session with a brief preamble about the content of today's ranting:  It's about politics.  

Now, I know that some of you aren't remotely interested in this topic, while others of you may find yourself in violent disagreement with me.  I'm okay with both, really.  This is on my mind today and I have some thoughts to share (assuming anyone reads it) concerning yesterday's mid-term elections.  So, if you need to hit the back button, I won't be offended.  See you next time, I hope.

For those of you that are brave enough to hang around this long...thanks.  Maybe we can start a discussion?

Let's get started.

First, I'm not going to go back to 2008 when America decided it was time for a "change."  It's old news, and quite frankly, boring to me.  Suffice it to say, there are folks around the country that have taken aim at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. to "get the country back."  Simply stated, I support them and their ambitions.

Yesterday's election was an opportunity to correct the course of the nation and to some degree, those seeking a change got it.  With a Republican majority in the House and significant gains in the Senate, there is a grand opportunity to engage the Spender-in-Chief in honest dialogue about throttling-back his way-far left agenda.  The difference between November 2nd and November 3rd for him, is that he pretty much has to have this dialogue with the new majority...and he'd better if he stands a chance at a second term.

Ok, so you can see all that diatribe on Fox News (and I watch it).  What I really wanted to discuss today is those races that ended with Democrats keeping seats that defy any brand of logic.  In particular, I want to highlight 4 races that still have me shaking my head.  Here we go:

1. Barney Frank (D) Massachusetts:  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  This guy, along with Chris Dodd were responsible for the housing meltdown and collapse!  They twisted the arms of the banks and forced them (through Freddie and Fannie) to lend to people who they knew could not repay their loans...all in the name of "The Entitlement to the American Dream."  Frank is a crook who has a history of backroom dealing that benefits himself at taxpayer expense.  Case in point, he takes a corporate jet for a personal vacation.  Seemingly, this wouldn't have been so noticeable, but the small, insignificant fact that the mainstream media omitted was that this corporation that owned the jet benefited directly from Franks' generosity in pushing ARRA funds to it!!!  My goodness, am I the only one paying attention to this stuff?  How in the world did he keep his job???  Are the lefties in Mass so hard up to keep a Dem in power that even a known thug and crook is better than a Republican???  I'm astonished.

2. Barbara (Please call me Senator) Boxer (D) California:  This woman's record is so far left of left that there's no more left to go!  She's made a career demeaning decent society, the military and nearly everything that America stands for...and continues her quest for a socialist society.  Here's a fact in case you've been in a cave for the last year or so:  California's BROKE!  Boxer is part of the problem with the social agenda, the safe harbor of illegal immigrants that suck the taxpayers' money into an abyss and a bevy of other atrocities that keep California as the butt of every bad State joke.  She triumphed over a fiscal conservative that would have surely aided the citizens of California in Carly Fiorina.  I know Carly (well, not personally but she was my CEO for about 2 years during my stint at HP).  She's reasonable and tough.  She worked HP through the Compaq merger and emerged as the largest computer corporation on the planet.  She knows how to make money, how to properly allocate resources...she's what Californians needed at this very moment to represent them on Capitol Hill.  Unbelievable!

3. Jerry (Moonbeam) Brown :  This is a double ARE YOU KIDDING ME????  I just have to believe that Californians that were partying before they voted woke up this morning saying, "What?  Jerry Brown Governor?  Ha, no way!  I was just joking my buddies!?  For real?  He's the Governor?  Oh shit...  Well, California, the jokes on you.  My message for California is simple...YOU'RE BROKE!  Bankrupt!  Tapped OUT!  Busted!  You got no money!  So, California, let's examine exactly what you did yesterday.  You traded your opportunity for recovery and eventual prosperity for a re-hash of 1974 and 1978...way to move forward!  You bought into very, very sleazy campaign trickery that Brown brought against his opponent, Meg Whitman.  His tactics were particularly despicable.  Here's what you said a resounding "NO" to, California:  Meg Whitman is an ivy league educated, accomplished executive that has achieved amazing success in every financial venture she's been involved in.  Want me to confuse you with a fact?  She took over as the CEO of eBay when it was making $4 million per year.  In only 10 short years, she grew that company to over $8 Billion (with a "B") per year.  She cared so deeply for California and was so committed to its recovery, she spent more than $140 million of HER OWN MONEY to finance her campaign!!!  Did brother Jerry?  I think you know that answer.

4.  Harry Reid (D) Nevada:  I never say this, but OH MY GOD!SEIU is HUGE in Nevada with all the hospitality workers there.  They quietly organized their workers and "strongly suggested" they vote for Reid (who is a staunch advocate of is the Prez).  Is this illegal?  Not at all.  Is it possible that in order to get workers all over the State to vote (that probably didn't give a rat's you-know-what about this election), without any, ahem, incentive would have been possible?  Bloody unlikely.  Sharon Angle posed a threat to SEIU and in their predictive fashion, the union did whatever they needed to do to keep her from winning.  Such a sad commentary.  Well Nevada, you got Harry for the next 6 years.  I'm confident he can keep that unemployment high for ya and also keep your property values low...American dream, right?  Live with it.

So, what have we learned through all this...and it's is only 4 examples?!!!  We've learned that Red Sox fans would rather keep a crook in office, Californians would rather the Big Government keep them afloat while illegal immigrants suck the life out of the State, and Nevada would rather be unemployed and have toxic real estate than to prosper as it should.  Well done.  Bravo.  Idiots!

I can't finish this rant on negative note.  I do want to point out some States that have had particularly tough times but fought through them at just the right time:

1. First, my birth State of Ohio.  This story is particularly gratifying for me because our Socialist-in-Chief made 12 trips there to charm the voters like he did in '08.  Ohioans voted a Republican for Governor.  It's long overdue and they know things are going to improve sooner than later.  Well done, Ohio!

2. Second, my new home State of Arizona did a remarkable job and kept key Republicans in their offices for another term.  Of note is my most favorite Governor, Jan Brewer.  Has this lady got moxie, or what?  She's rolled-up her sleeves and taking on anybody (including the Prez) that gets in her path.  What a patriot she is!  Next is Senator John McCain.  Hotly contested, but the final results were not close at all.  He's staying around for one more term.  His guidance and experience is exactly what's needed to help the transition of power on the Hill go a bit more smoothly than without him.  I am a supporter of term limits, but one more for John will be good for the country.

I know this got a bit long-winded and for that I apologize.  Is it just me or does what happened in these States yesterday just blow your mind?  I simply cannot figure out the logic behind keeping these folks (and hiring Jerry Brown) around.  How far into the ditch does the country need to go before a majority gets it and says, "ENOUGH!"?

Well, I suppose I should close this out for now.  Thanks for indulgence.  I promise not to make this into a political forum...Lord knows there are too many of them already.  Time to close up shop for the day.  I think I've been tagged to help move Nancy Pelosi's stuff out of the Speaker's office!

<you really didn't think I was going to go the distance without mentioning her firing, did you?>

Cheers, everyone!

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